Kaya Savas

Kaya Savas


Kaya Savas is a film music journalist and industry professional who has conducted over 400 interviews with today’s most prolific composers as well as written over 1000 analytical score reviews and articles. Kaya founded Film.Music.Media in 2009 as a platform for composer interviews and behind the scenes looks into the process of scoring for visual media. His organic and laid-back approach to film music journalism aims to make music for visual media as accessible to everyone and not just composers. Film.Music.Media is one of the most prominent film music resources online with interviews garnering over 1 million views on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Kaya is also a working professional in television production. He is currently the Coordinator for Production Systems at Cartoon Network Studios where he works alongside all of the productions coming out of the studio. Previously, Kaya worked at Walt Disney Studios serving as a digital asset coordinator for home entertainment.

Kaya was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland and his love for film was sparked through film music at an early age. Fantasia was the first film that he ever saw, and it ended up sparking a passion and connection to images and music. Film music then became a gateway into filmmaking. Armed with nothing but a Hi8 and eventually a MiniDV camera, Kaya and his friends would make movies in their backyards. Kaya graduated from Towson University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media & Film and then relocated to Los Angeles where he currently lives and works.

Kaya has served as editor for The Score magazine since 2018 and looks to bring his expertise in film music journalism to one of the industry’s premiere publications. His goal is to make The Score not only a vital resource and platform for SCL members, but for anyone discovering music for visual media and the industry around it.

You can check out Kaya’s other journalism work at www.filmmusicmedia.com.