Marie Kingsley


Marie Kingsley was born and raised in a musical family and began street performing in 2013, quickly gaining recognition for her raw talent and captivating performances. Marie is currently finishing her audio engineering studies at PCC and in her spare time, she enjoys exploring the world of DIY synths and up-cycling old junk (soup cans, landline telephones, tins, etc.) into custom lo-fi microphones.

Marie originally joined the SCL as a volunteer and was quickly hired on as staff, where she gained valuable experience supporting musicians and composers in their creative endeavors. Her work with SCL has been an opportunity to give back to the community and has allowed her to network with other professionals in the industry. She finds this work to be fulfilling and looks forward to continuing to support the SCL’s mission as COO.

Marie is also passionate about post-production audio and enjoys the possibilities that this field offers. She is committed to learning and improving her skills and is excited about exploring new techniques and technologies to improve her craft. Looking toward the future, Marie is thrilled to continue pursuing her music and audio engineering as well as aiding in the SCL’s continued growth.