The SCL’s Institutional Membership is aimed at music creators in institutions of higher education considering, or working towards, careers in audiovisual music composition, lyric writing, music business or technology, as well as faculty members teaching these courses. We are introducing this category of membership to create a path for active interaction between the professionals working in our community and college students who will become the music creators of the future.

The SCL offers music departments of each school the opportunity to purchase a bundle of memberships for their students and faculty, which they can manage and distribute at their discretion. These memberships will be administered by a delegated staff member at the school.



Members will gain access to the unique educational resources of the SCL, including online live and archived seminars on topics of relevance to the profession, covering artistic, legal, business and technical matters. The accumulated knowledge the SCL maintains in the industry is without parallel, through its past and current events and the wealth of experience among its members. Luminaries from across the profession regularly share their hard-earned insights with the organization, and our community is strong, vibrant and extraordinarily collegiate. We will be further building our educational resources in ways specifically aimed toward the interests of students.

Institutional members may access all members-only content on the SCL web site, including Seminars, Screening Interviews, online FYC events, and Special Events. They will also be able to access our quarterly magazine – The Score – and printed copies will be provided in limited numbers to college libraries. Institutional membership also includes a subscription to the Weekly Wire industry newsletter, and access to online 'For Your Consideration' screenings and materials during Emmy, Oscar , and SCL Awards seasons. Institutional members may be invited to join select in-person SCL events, as capacity permits.

We also plan to hold specific Institutional Membership events each year, creating in-person opportunities for learning and interaction with professionals from every level and genre.


Institutional membership is being offered through a tier-based system based on the number of students. A school administrator may click any of the buttons below to begin the enrollment process.

• Membership for the institution will run for one calendar year from the date of joining.

• The school administrator may add or subtract students at any time. All students within the institutional membership will expire and require renewal at the end of the institution's membership year. Instructions for administering an institutional membership can be accessed here.

• The school administrator also receives an SCL institutional membership, and this administrator's account is not counted against the number in the institutional membership.

• Institutional Members receive SCL member benefits equivalent to Online Members. Please see this page for full details.

• Participating institutions will be invited to share their insights and perspectives with our community through a column in The Score magazine.

We look forward to welcoming students and faculty members into the SCL community! For further questions, please contact the SCL below.


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