Jack Boring, Matthew Carlton, Dara Taylor (mentor), Stephen Douglass Bennett, William Ouellette, who participated in the 2018-19 program

The SCL Mentor Program is designed to serve as an introduction to the screen music industry, for selected SCL Associate Members. Separate programs are run in both Los Angeles and New York.

Both composers and songwriters are invited to apply. Applicants will be asked to designate whether they consider themselves primarily a composer or primarily a songwriter. During the program there will be a handful of sessions devoted specifically to each discipline (i.e. composing and songwriting) however the applicant’s initial designation will in no way limit his/her ability to attend any session.

To qualify for admission, the applicant must be a current SCL Associate Member. An applicant will be ruled ineligible if credits qualify them for a higher level of SCL membership.

Selected applicants should reside in the Los Angeles or New York City areas, and be available to attend sessions during business hours. Most sessions are in the afternoon, subject to times that mentors are available. Finalists will be interviewed regarding their availability to attend all sessions.

Please note that the mentees are not paid, and mentors are volunteering their time. Sessions cannot always be confirmed with much prior notice. Efforts are made to provide details as far ahead as possible but mentees should plan to be flexible.

During the program, mentees have the opportunity to interact with working composers and songwriters, many of whom sit on the SCL Board of Directors and embody the industry practicalities of creating music in all genres. Activities include studio and production house tours, invitations to recording sessions, meetings with agents, music attorneys, engineers, music editors, orchestrators, music copyists, talent contractors, and performing musicians, among others.

Eight mentees are selected to participate in each term, however this number may vary at the SCL’s discretion.


We are not currently accepting applications for the Mentor Program. The next time we open for applications, we will update this page. You may also click the Notify Me button below to be notified of future seasons. For those who would like to prepare ahead of time, the application process entails submitting the following to the SCL:

  • For composers: MP3's of original film score music, or links to websites, SoundCloud links, or DropBox links to electronic film score material totaling no more than 5 minutes of music. PDFs of scores should be included.
  • For songwriters: MP3's of original songs (demos are fine), or links to websites, SoundCloud links, or DropBox links to song material totaling no more than 5 minutes. Songs may be edited to a single verse & chorus for brevity. PDFs of lead sheets and/or lyric sheets with chords should be included.
  • A statement no longer than one page indicating what the applicant hopes to gain from the mentee/mentor experience, as well as the applicant’s goals as a music creator for audiovisual media.
  • A one-page résumé/CV with education credentials and credits, including all current and previous internships and workshops.
  • Optional: Vimeo or YouTube link to a demo reel or any other visual elements that support your submission.

If you are interested in being notified when the next Mentor Program opens for applications, use the Notify Me button below to be added to that mailing list.

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