Online Membership

For applicants outside the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles or New York, or for students who do not yet have the credits for Regular Memberships, but who are actively working towards their film, TV, game, or musical theater credits to qualify for Regular Membership. These membership levels do not include any voting privileges.


  • Access to all members-only content on the SCL web site, including Seminars, Screening Interviews, online FYC events, and Special Events
  • Admission to selected in-person events with additional fee
  • Subscription to THE SCORE magazine
  • Subscription to the Weekly Wire industry newsletter
  • Access to online ‘For Your Consideration’ screenings and materials during Emmy, Oscar, and SCL Awards seasons


Note: All SCL memberships are annual and auto-renew by default. If you do not wish to auto-renew, you may switch this off at any time from your Manage Account page. You will receive a courtesy e-mail prior to your renewal.

No portion of membership dues is used for political lobbying.