Music Creators Release Joint Statement Backing Songwriter George Johnson/MCNA Request for Transparency on Streaming Rate Proposal



“We are elated that the US Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) has today responded positively to the filings by songwriter George Johnson and the organization Music Creators North America (MCNA) regarding the dire need for transparency in the mechanical rate setting process.  By ordering all participant digital music distributors and music publishers that they must file on record with the CRB either all relevant, ancillary information and agreements concerning the scope and nature of their proposed streaming royalty settlement, or alternatively, certify under oath that no such ancillary information or agreements exist, the CRB has sought to ensure that comprehensive CRB analysis and the submission of comments by the independent music creator community can both be accomplished prior to the CRB’s adoption or rejection of the proposal.  This is exactly the type of openness that the the US Congress intended and that the US Copyright Act demands, and we thank the CRB for its steadfastness in applying the law.”

Read the full statement below: