Petition Launched to Update Copyright Laws – Sign Here


Urge Congress to Update our Copyright Laws to Protect American Creators!

The growth of the internet has revolutionized the way that members of the creative communities can sell and distribute their works. But this growth has also brought with it ever-evolving forms of digital infringement that cause tremendous harms to America’s hard-working photographers, musicians, filmmakers, authors, artists, and other creators.

Laws that were enacted nearly a quarter of a century ago to help combat online infringement in the digital age have become woefully out of date and weakened by the courts. It’s time for our copyright laws to be updated in a way that effectively addresses the rampant piracy that harms the livelihoods of creators and our vibrant creative economy.

That’s why we teamed up with CreativeFuture and the Artist Rights Alliance to petition Congress to support creators! Join us by signing the petition today to urge Congress to support creators, their rights, and updated laws. Just click on the button below to make your voice heard!