A Conversation with Thomas Newman


This seminar presents a very personal account of Thomas Newman’s composing career, coming from the perspective of someone born into a family of film music giants. Mr. Newman talks at length about his ambivalence about entering the film music arena, reflecting, for example, on his uncle Lionel’s demand that he “live up to the Newman name.” He relates his first experience scoring a film, Reckless (1984). He reveals his personal account of what it was like to work with Robert Altman on The Player (1992). Although a very difficult experience, Mr. Newman considers that it made him “better equipped” for his work.

Mr. Newman discusses clips from The Player, Flesh and Bone and The Shawshank Redemption. He answers many questions on topics such as emotion in music, instrumentation of the main theme of The Player, and what it takes to write good music.

The seminar, presented here in audio, was held at the Director’s Guild of America, Hollywood, CA.

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