Digital Orchestration


DIGITAL ORCHESTRATION: Creating Realistic Mock-ups

Recreating the sound of a symphony orchestra using only a sequencer and orchestral sample libraries presents a great challenge to the contemporary composer and digital musician. The latest sample libraries sound better than ever, but they still require considerable manipulation to convince a listener that s/he is hearing the real thing. As budgets for film and television decline, it becomes imperative for the contemporary composer to be able to create sophisticated and realistic sounding mockups of his or her symphonic music. The purpose of this seminar is to give composers insight into how the pros create realistic orchestral mockups using their sequencers.

Presenter: SCL Member FLETCHER BEASLEY is a Los Angeles based composer with a wide range of experience creating music for different media.  He has composed and arranged music for film, television, records, commercials, video games and interactive exhibits. In addition to writing music for his own projects, Fletcher has worked with a number of film and television composers contributing writing, arranging, programming and mixing, as well as technical assistance with their studio setups.

This seminar took place May 25th, 2011 at the American Film Institute, Los Angeles, California. 

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