Dorico: An in-depth look at Steinberg’s Next Generation Scoring Application


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January 23, 2018 –

In January 2017, Dorico Product Manager Daniel Spreadbury gave a presentation of Steinberg’s brand new scoring application, then less than two months old, to SCL members at AFI. One year later, Daniel is back from London to show the strides the application has taken in the last year. Dorico features a unique workflow, fast and flexible input and editing, unrivaled graphical quality, and a modern, multi-threaded application architecture. Some of the new functionality added in the last 12 months that Daniel will demonstrate:

– Chord symbols
– Dynamic cues
– Flexible unpitched percussion
– Piano pedalling
– Repeat endings
– Filters
– Split/merge/import flows/projects
– Piano roll improvements
– MIDI quantization improvements
– Scaling of any item to any size
– Much improved mouse-based editing in Write mode
– Editable note spacing
– Fixed casting off (e.g. n bars per system, n systems per page)

…and more besides. Please join Steinberg and the SCL for an in-depth look at Dorico.

Daniel Spreadbury is the Product Marketing Manager for Dorico. Daniel holds a master’s degree in music from Oxford University, and has been working in the field of music notation software for nearly 20 years. He leads the design of Dorico, can be found at all hours of the day and night answering questions from users on the Dorico forum, and writes a blog about the development of Dorico, called Making Notes.Daniel is also a keen choral director and singer, and runs an adult chamber choir and a children’s choir.