Exotic Flavors II: Practical Guides to Ethnic Instruments with Omar Tekbilek


Through both performance and discussion, this seminar features the unique instrumental mastery of Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

He provides an in-depth look at Sufi, Folk, and Contemporary Middle Eastern music. speaking in detail about the following instruments:

• Nay – bamboo flute
• Zurna – a double-reed, oboe-like instrument
• Baglama – long-necked lute
• Darbuka – Turkish drum

There are many good examples of rhythmic patterns and melodic figures, and discussion of the difference between traditional Western and Middle Eastern scales. By exploring many of the rich colors and textures that are available in these extraordinary instruments, you will learn how to incorporate some of these non-traditional sounds into your scores more effectively by better understanding the correct ranges, timbres, and playing techniques.

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