The Unusual Suspects: A Panel Discussion


Aside from the director, there are people who can be very influential in the hiring (and firing) of a composer. The panel will discuss how to make the most of these relationships and how, if used properly, they can even give you an inside track.

Moderated by EMMY-winning SCL Board member and Seminar Chair, ASHLEY IRWIN, the panel is comprised of:

BERNIE LARAMIE (Producer) has been a Producer in Los Angeles for more than 25 years. He is best known for his work on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION as well as such series as SHARK, THREAT MATRIX, PROFILER, DARK SKIES, DARK JUSTICE and MAX HEADROOM. Bernie also handled producing chores on the IMAX 3D production of James Cameron’s ALIENS OF THE DEEP and THE LAST MYSTERIES OF THE TITANIC a 17 camera live broadcast from the sunken vessel. Bernie enjoys cutting edge technology. While the Director of Post Production at Lorimar, he pioneered many state of the art post production techniques used today including the use of electronic non linear systems, CGI effects, and 3 perf 35mm for production. Recently he created a 360 degree live action camera system for a live action simulator for the U.S. Army. Bernie taught Post Production for Film and Television at UCLA Extension for more than 15 years, and has been a guest lecturer at USC, Cal Arts, and Art Center. He has recently collaborated on a textbook for Allyn & Bacon, “Creative Post Production” and is a member of The Producer’s Guild, The Director’s Guild, Editor’s Guild, and The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

CHRIS MCGEARY (Music Editor), a 20 year veteran with over 120 film and television credits, is President and owner of Final Note Productions Inc., a post production music service company.  He has earned 12 Emmy nominations with 3 Emmy wins. As supervising music editor he has worked with the top directors in Hollywood on such films as HEREAFTER, ROCKY BALBOA, HELLBOY, EXIT WOUNDS, HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, GRAN TORINO and MIMIC while his composer clients have included Clint Eastwood, Bill Conti, Mark Snow, Basil Poledouris, Elmer Bernstein, Mark Mothersbaugh, Marco Beltrami and Cliff Martinez.  His current TV series include THE MENTALIST, SMALLVILLE, ONE TREE HILL and SUPERNATURAL.

DAVID SIBLEY (Music Supervisor) is a native of Arkansas and holds a degree in music composition from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, which he attended on a tuba scholarship.  David came to Los Angeles as a Television Academy Music Intern, studying with Allyn Ferguson, Joe Harnell, Bruce Broughton, Henry Mancini and other notable TV and Film composers. Immediately following the internship he was hired to work as an independent music supervisor for Orion Pictures. David never left his composing skills far behind and continues to arrange and produce music for current projects. He also became a staunch supporter for the preservation of film music history with his involvement with Fred Karlin’s oral histories project documenting many of Hollywood’s great musical figures. He is committed to the future of film music too, as a session producer of ASCAP’s film and television music workshop for young composers.  During the 90’s David joined the music staff at Lorimar and subsequently, Warner Bros., where he worked with such industry veterans as Gary Lemel, Doug Frank and Greg Sill. David was hired to create and head a world class music department New World Entertainment including its Marvel Animation division under the legendary Stan Lee.  Following New World’s acquisition by 20th Century Fox, David once again returned to freelance music supervision with the syndicated Quincy Jones produced VIBE.  He received an Emmy nomination for his work on THE LITTLE RICHARD STORY and is currently supervising the music for the ABC-TV series, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and the CW’s HELLCATS.

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