Using Logic with Fletcher Beasley


Using Logic with Fletcher Beasley

SCL Member Fletcher Beasley is a Los Angeles based composer with a wide range of experience creating music for different media. He has composed and arranged music for film, television, records, commercials, video games and interactive exhibits. In addition to writing music for his own projects, Fletcher has worked with a number of film and television composers contributing writing, arranging, programming and mixing, as well as technical assistance with their studio setups.

Fletcher has used Logic as his sequencer of choice for the past thirteen years. He has consulted with many composers and musicians on how to use the program most effectively to suit their creative needs and has taught courses in music technology at UCLA Extension’s Film Scoring Program, UC San Diego, Chapman University and Santa Monica College.


Running Logic efficiently on your computer
Overview of Logic functions and capabilities
New features of Logic 9
Using plugins
Bussing and Aux Channels
Working to picture
Using Logic in conjunction with other programs

This Seminar was held at: American Film Institute (AFI), Los Angeles, CA.

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