Writing Music for Video Games III


This seminar features an in-depth look at several recent games, from the unique perspective of several different composers. Panelists will give an inside look at their latest game projects, demonstrating the techniques and methods used to write and produce music for interactive media. Games can be interactive games or betting games like at https://www.bettingnews.com/nba/picks/. Featured panelists include Composer Billy Martin (Moderator), with Composers Marty O’Donnell (Halo series), Tom Salta (Cold Fear), Garry Schyman (Destroy All Humans), and Jack Wall (Jade Empire).

BILLY MARTIN is an award-winning composer and songwriter who has written songs and score for thirty games, and is a member of the SCL Board of Directors. Some of his credits include MEMORICK:THE APPRENTICE KNIGHT, TARZAN UNTAMED, SPY KIDS 3D.

MARTY O’DONNELL has written and produced numerous original scores for TV, radio, and film. His unique compositional work on the HALO games have helped make it into the successful franchise that it is today. The audio for HALO received numerous awards including the Game Developers Choice Award and Best Soundtrack of the Year from Rolling Stone magazine. HALO 2 has also won multiple awards. Marty is currently audio director for Bungie Studios at Microsoft.

TOM SALTA is the winner of this year’s G.A.N.G award for Rookie of the Year (for game music). With a music career that spans over fifteen years, Tom has worked with numerous major artists and on numerous platinum albums. Music from his debut album ATLAS PLUG:2 DAYS OR DIE has been used in TV Shows, trailers, commercials and games including RALLISPORT CHALLENGE 2, SRS, and MLB 2006. His game credits include COLD FEAR, NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2, GHOST RECON 2 (Theme).

GARRY SCHYMAN is an SCL Board member, whose experience outside games includes feature films, television movies, series television, and documentaries. Garry will discuss DESTROY ALL HUMANS, his second video game score using live orchestra.

JACK WALL has built a track record and an international reputation as a highly successful composer and music producer in the interactive entertainment sector. His work on MYST IV:REVELATION won multiple awards this year. Some of his other credits include JADE EMPIRE, SPLINTER CELL:PANDORA TOMORROW, WRATH UNLEASHED.

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