Jim Hemphill

Leo with Geoff Zanelli and Robert Smigel

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Oppenheimer with Ludwig Göransson

Composer Ludwig Göransson speaks with Jim Hemphill about scoring the atomic epic Oppenheimer.

George & Tammy with David Mansfield

Composer David Mansfield and IndieWire’s Jim Hemphill speak about the score for Showtime’s George & Tammy.

1923 with Breton Vivian

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Beef with Bobby Krlic

Composer Bobby Krlic and moderator Jim Hemphill of IndieWire discuss Krlic’s score for Netflix’s Beef.

The Great with Nathan Barr

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Shantaram with Adam Peters

Composer Adam Peters talks to moderator Jim Hemphill about writing the score for Apple TV+’s Shantaram.

Decision to Leave with Cho Young-wuk

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Severance with Theodore Shapiro

Composer Theodore Shapiro discusses the music for Apple TV+’s Severance alongside Jim Hemphill of IndieWire.