Jonathan Grow

Jonathan Grow is an American pianist and composer. He began his musical journey early in life at the age of four, singing in choirs and with his family, who traveled the Midwest as a singing group. He began picking apart songs from the radio, teaching himself the piano, and telling his own stories through song at the age of eleven. He received several years of formal training in the trumpet and began playing events for hire in his teenage years. 

After moving to Nashville in 1996, he worked as a staff writer for various publishers, a session and background vocalist, and pianist. Since then, his work has been recorded and performed in venues ranging from liturgical settings to arenas, and has been published in choral songbooks. His music for choral groups has been performed throughout the U.S. and abroad. 

He began his transition to professional media composition in 2019, working in production music and composing for Howling Music. He splits his time between production music, studio projects, composing for independent short films, and generally finding his way in an industry where he finally feels at home. 

He joined the SCL in 2020, where he has been warmly welcomed. He now serves on the Steering Committee for the SCL in Nashville.