EU votes for copyright directive


Dear SCL Members,

The European Union voted unequivocally for the “Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market” today, an important step towards music sharing platforms being bound by the same copyright laws as everyone else, so that the revenue from music they play comes back to the creators.

Here’s the official statement on the vote from the International Council for Music Creators (CIAM).

All the best,

The SCL Advocacy Committee

CIAM, on behalf of the world’s songwriters and composers, celebrates the European Parliament’s visionary vote today, in support of the rights of creators and Europe’s vital cultural and economic sector. CIAM salutes the European Parliament’s members for their bold vote today (438 to 226) unequivocally endorsing the principle of fair online remuneration for creative works. The Parliament has paved the way for the creative sector finally to be properly rewarded when their works are exploited online. A clear signal has been sent to those powerful digital interests that have, for too long, grown fat upon the unremunerated exploitation of the creative work of others.

In addition, the vote is a resounding commitment to principles of transparency, fairness, equity and affordable access to justice that can improve the lot of those whose creative works are entrusted to others for management. Audiences in Europe may take comfort in the fact that new mechanisms are now to be put in place that will promote the principle of fair and just reward to creators; that it will not simply be corporations who are the greater beneficiaries of the works the citizens enjoy.

CIAM President, songwriter Eddie Schwartz, said today of the EU Parliament’s vote: “This is a seminal moment in the future of music creators and indeed all creative people in the EU and around the world. The EU Parliament has clearly shown the way towards not only a new dawn for reinvigorated cultural industries and individual creators, but also the equitable distribution of wealth in the flourishing digital economy. We trust this historic vote will be endorsed in January 2019. Future generations will see this as an historic moment, and celebrate all those who made it possible, as does CIAM today.”

Music, film, art and quality journalism are vital to the health of our communities and we join with our creative colleagues of every stripe in celebrating a potentially brighter online future. During this process CIAM joined its fellow creators, authors, performers, writers, directors and actors, in coming together in the EU and globally as never before. For creators in all sectors this unity is based on our shared interests. This vote has also delivered to us all a newfound solidarity and we shall build upon it in the months and years to come!

CIAM, the International Council of Creators of Music, is the recognized global representative body for the world’s music authors, speaking on behalf of over 500,000 songwriters, lyricists and composers worldwide. Founded in 1966 to protect the rights and cultural aspirations of music creators, CIAM focuses on the key issues directly concerning the legal and moral rights of composers, songwriters and lyricists. It promotes their professional, economic and legal interests and serves as a forum for cooperation, education, policy formulation and networking. Working with its five regional Partner Alliances, CIAM’s global reach enables to Council to advocate for the rights and incomes of music creators across five continents. In Mexico in November 2018, CIAM will be holding its 52nd Annual Congress where the world’s music creators will once again come together to share information, their respective domestic legal and policy developments and to formulate strategies for the betterment of those whose craft has enriched the lives of millions over the centuries.