Future Music


Emerging Roles, Technologies, and Concepts in Interactive Media Scoring

Could a software program someday write your score? If so, what would be your role as the “composer”? If it could, you might want to be the only one who owns it or your uniqueness in the marketplace would be nullified. Yet, in the world of game music, it may play a valuable role.

Talent agent Adam Levenson moderated a panel of renowned composers and music technology innovators at the cutting-edge of emerging trends in music for interactive media and beyond. The panel demonstrated and discussed key aspects of the creative, technological, and business implications of developing concepts such as real-time composition, algorithmic composition, artificial intelligence driven scoring, on-demand cloud-based integration, and more.

It was an evening of lively discussion and demonstrations as we glimpsed into our crystal ball toward the future of the art of scoring. A Q&A followed the main presentation.

Panel members included:

Robert Hamilton – Stanford CCRMA, Electro-acoustic music composer and interactive music systems specialist

Laura Karpman – Four-time Emmy winning film, TV, and game composer

Daniel Lehrich – VenLabs, Interactive audio specialist, game designer, Max/MSP expert

Steve Nalepa – Music producer, composer, professor, DJ, and Ableton Live expert

Garry Schyman – Multi award-winning BioShock series composer and SCL board member

Patricio da Silva – Award-winning composer and algorithmic music designer

This seminar was held at American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles, CA 90027.

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