Low Budget Contracts


The purpose of this seminar is to explore the issues associated with filing union contracts for low budget and/or independent projects. By presenting common project scenarios and analyzing them with the panelists, this seminar offers composers and musicians insight into the latest possibilities under the new low budget agreements.

Mark Adler (Film & TV Composer, SCL Board Member) discusses creative ways to work under the low budget agreement for indie features and TV. His feature scores have used both chamber orchestras to ensembles upwards of 40 players. He will share his experiencesóboth successful and otherwiseóin getting indie filmmakers to go union with their scores.

Miriam Cutler – Moderator (Film & TV Composer, SCL Board member) composes primarily for independent film, documentary, and public and cable TV that fall into the low budget category. She poses real-world questions exploring some of the obstacles facing indie composers who want to work under a low budget agreement.

Dennis Dreith (Administrator Special Payments Fund) explains the special payments fund, assumption agreements and secondary markets, and offers guidance for convincing filmmakers and TV/Film producers to sign on. Dennis is the acknowledged expert in strategies to get producers to become signatories so that a union contract can be filed.

Benoit Grey (Film & TV Composer, SCL Board Member) In addition to composing and orchestrating for TV and film, Benoit has a background of contracting orchestras. He discusses the nuts and bolts of the low and new ultra-low-budget agreement in terms of cost and benefit for composers and musicians, including how to navigate the paperwork.

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