NY SongArts: Musical Storytelling


During the spring of 2021, NY SongArts invited SCL members to participate in Musical Storytelling, a collaborative songwriting workshop designed to emulate the experience of writing to a specific brief. More than 50 members were paired up and tasked with creating a song inspired by a separate chapter of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Over the following weeks, these songwriting teams collaborated on music and lyrics, recording and producing original songs.

On May 18 and 19, 2021, the full group convened for two listening sessions, in which the individual pieces combined in story-order to create a complete musical narrative. The teams introduced their songs before broadcasting their tracks to the others in the workshop.

The SCL is proud to present the resultant works. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18 Show

Makena Metz & Zev Burrows:
On A Golden Afternoon /
Follow The Rabbit
Angela Parrish & Rob Berliner:
Further Down the Rabbit Hole
Kimberly Hou & Brian Tyler:
Mustard Up
Edward Auslender & Melissa Axel:
Larger Than Life
Jeff Schiller & Jonathan Handel:
There Goes Bill
Joel Willson & Deborah Ward:
Who Are You
Jeremiah Bornfield & Dorian Frankel:
Mock Turtle’s Soup
Shelley Fisher & Mark Crawford:
Off With The Head
Carol Weiss:
Alice Says NO!
Michael Van Bodegom Smith &
Ming Cheng:
Who Stole The Tarts
Benjamin Jaffe & Joan Hammel:
Statement From YT Rabbit

Wednesday, May 19 Show

Greg McFall & Joshua O. Lindevaldsen:
One Way or Another
Marquis Sklenar & Donna Wintergreen:
On The Other Side
Bonnie Janofsky & Melissa Axel:
Cats and Dogs
Giana Vogt, Alison Freebairn-Smith & Autumn Maria Reed:
Everybody Wins
Aaron Turner Horton & Mark Cross:
Now That I’m Big
Katya Mihailova & Caroline Waters:
There Goes Bill
Paul d’Amore & Charles Gillespie:
Who Are You
Cooper Baldwin & Nono Chen:
Pepper In The Goop
Valerie Dionne Parker &
Vanessa Theme Ament:
Tea Party Madness
Eiko Jin & Tira Harpaz:
The Card’s Lament
Gabriel Pontón & Daniel E. Wakefield:
You’re More Than You Are
Nicole Yazmin & Matt Aaron Hurewitz:
Join the Dance (The Beat Goes On)
Michael A. Jaye & Eric Harmsen:
The Mock Turtle’s Soup’s Song
Francisco Cuadrado & Valeri Ortiz:
The Trial
Joelle Sahar Ferrando &
Barbara Carole Sickmen:
The Grown-Up Me

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Wednesday, May 19 Show

Bonnie Janofsky

Giana Vogt

Alison Freebairn-Smith

Autumn Maria Reed

Katya Mihailova

Caroline Waters

Paul d’Amore

Cooper Baldwin

Nono Chen

Vanessa Theme Ament

Eiko Jin

Gabriel Pontón

Daniel E. Wakefield

Nicole Yazmin

Matt Aaron Hurewitz

Francisco Cuadrado

Valeri Ortiz

Joelle Ferrando