Opportunities In Production Music


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February 9, 2017 –

Panelists Yoav Goren, Jeff Rona, Edwina Travis-Chin, Derek Jones and SCL Production Music Chair Benoit Grey explore the ways in which music creators can participate in the world of Production Music. The panel is oriented towards experienced composers and songwriters, and will examine how the Production Music environment differs from that of Film, TV, and Video Games in terms of:

  • The music itself: its structure, edit points, duration, genres/styles, production value, and lyric content, etc.
  • The contracts: how the compensation, copyright, publishing, liability/responsibility, and administration deals are designed
  • Interacting with the decision-makers in this industry, and discerning the “good citizens” from the not-so-good
  • How your music potentially fits into the Production Music Industry