Performing Rights Seminar, Part 2


In this SCL seminar from November 2, 2006, the panel of DENNIS C. BROWN, STU PHILLIPS, GARRY SCHYMAN, and STEVE WINOGRADSKY discussed YouTube, ringtones, and many other forms of revenue, as well as the attacks on royalties that are becoming increasingly frequent. They gave a basic explanation of performing rights, including how royalties are collected and distributed, and what a person needs to do to ensure that they receive all royalties their music has generated, plus dissect the cue sheet and discuss proper filing procedures. Other topics include RapidCue, plus an analysis of a situation at the time of this seminar that concerned Ringtones and Mastertones with regards to an opinion handed down by the U.S. Copyright Office (Oct. 18, 2006) that was considered to have a possible adverse affect on one’s earning capabilities. SESAC writer and SCL Board member DENNIS C. BROWN has been creating music for television animation and sitcoms for 20+ years, and has been heavily involved in royalty monitoring issues from the start. BMI writer and SCL Board member STU PHILLIPS has been writing for television and films for over 45 years, creating music for such TV series as the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, KNIGHT RIDER, QUINCY, THE MONKEES, THE FALL GUY, and many others. ASCAP writer and SCL Board member GARRY SCHYMAN is an experienced film, television and game composer with many credits. He has penned many articles on issues related to performing rights, and was the composer consultant to ASCAP for the International Music Joint Venture (IMJV). Attorney STEVEN WINOGRADSKY is the President of The Winogradsky Company in North Hollywood, California, providing music business affairs and legal support for composers, songwriters, music publishers, recording artists and television, film, video and multi-media producers.

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